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AdvancED Corporation accreditation is a national protocol for Corporations committed to systemic, systematic, and sustainable continuous improvement. AdvancED Corporation accreditation:

  •  Builds the capacity of the corporation and its schools to increase and sustain student learning;
  • Stimulates and supports continuous improvement and effectiveness throughout the corporation;
  • Ensures all people, processes, departments and operations of the corporation work in concert;
  • Strengthens efforts to meet accountability requirements;
  • Encourages growth to achieve excellence, not compliance; and Promotes continuous not episodic improvement.

In pursuit of academic accountability and excellence, Mater Academy, Inc. underwent a complete Self-Study process, sought and obtained AdvancED Corporate Accreditation for the Mater Academy, Inc. School System. In June of 2011, Mater Academy was awarded AdvancEd Corporate/District Accreditation for its proven commitment to quality and continuous improvement and educational excellence. The Quality Assurance Review (QAR) Team representing AdvancED examined the effectiveness of the system’s methods for quality assurance. The report findings validated a direct relationship between the program elements and positive student achievement record. An excerpt from the QAR Team’s final exit report commended Mater Academy, Inc. for the following:

• having a clearly articulated vision, mission, and statement of beliefs wherein the vision serves as an anchor for all decisions related to allocation of resources and strategic decision making;
• consistently demonstrating a system-wide openness and accessibility to listen and to communicate with stakeholders;
• having a visionary board and president who are committed to sustaining a culture of excellence, with an organizational framework that creates a collaborative culture that promotes innovation and a strong sense of family, while maintaining accountability for results;
• building and maintaining partnerships with local businesses, organizations, governmental units, and institutions of higher learning to increase their capacity to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of their students; and
• employing a comprehensive system to collect and analyze student achievement data that are used to strategically make decisions for continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

Mater Academy, Inc. consistently engages in a continuous internal review process as a means to ensure consistent improvements too the entire system. Mater is also responsible to hosts an External Review Team Visit from AdvancEd accreditors every five years. During the external review, the External Review Team will:

• Assess the effectiveness of the corporation in meeting the AdvancED Standards;
• Assess student performance data;
• Assess stakeholder feedback data;
• Interview corporate staff and stakeholders;
• Visit a representative sample of schools; and
• Assess student engagement.

Mater Academy, Inc. will host their next External Review visit in the 2015-16 school year. For additional information on AdvancED accreditation, please visit:

2014-2019 Mater Academy Strategic Plan

Modified on February 16, 2016


Modified on February 16, 2016