(Workshop meeting dates are listed below)

7901 Northwest 103rd Street, Hialeah Gardens, Florida 33016
Phone (305) 458-0662

Roberto Blanch, President

Judith Marty, Director of Academics


Cesar Christian Crousillat, Director & Board Chair
Shannie Sadesky, Director & Vice-Chair
Idalia Suarez, Secretary & Director
Maurene Sotero Balmaseda, Director & Student Alumni Representative
Javier Jerez, Director & Student Alumni Representative


Board Meeting Dates For 2018-2019

August 28, 2018

*September 7, 2018

October 1, 2018
Mater Academy St. Cloud (1925 Nora Tyson Rd, St Cloud, FL 34771) – Osceola County

*October 10, 2018

November 28, 2018

January 16, 2019

March 5, 2019

April 17, 2019

June 12, 2019 (Annual Meeting)

*Denotes a Special Meeting

**Please note that these dates are only proposed meeting dates and times. In the event that the date must be changed a notice will be posted on the Mater Academy, Inc. website (

Please note that all meetings are open to the public to attend. All meetings will begin at 10:00 am & be located in Mater Academy, Inc. Board Room (8003 NW 103rd Street, Hialeah Gardens, Florida), unless otherwise noted. To best accommodate our parents & the community, the Board shall establish a local access points both at all campuses throughout Miami-Dade County (this is in addition to the physical access location noted above). Members of the public who wish to attend a meeting at the local access point will be provided the opportunity to participate in the meeting via CMT (Communications Media Technology) and shall receive all meeting information and the opportunity to provide input regarding the charter school’s operations.

Please note that a board meeting for Mater Academy Foundation, Inc., 8003 Foundation, Inc., 600 Holdings, Inc., SW 5th Street Holdings, and Mater, Inc. (Delaware) will immediately follow each Mater Academy, Inc.

Mater Academy, Inc., a non-profit organization, will comply with chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, relating to public records, and s. 286.011, relating to public meetings and records, public inspection, and penalties the Florida Statutes relating to public records and public meetings.