iMater students have been participating in the Fairchild challenge all year. The Fairchild Challenge is our award-winning, interdisciplinary, environmental science competition designed to engage students of diverse interests, abilities, talents and backgrounds to explore the natural world. The program has been recognized as a benchmark for exceptional STEM education and for empowering PreK – 12th grade students to become the next generation of scientists, researchers, educated voters, policy makers, and environmentally-minded citizens.

This year we competed against 54 schools (including some of the top ranked private schools).  The top 16 schools are awarded bronze (10) silver (5), or gold (1) Not only did we earn the minimum number of points to be a Fairchild challenge school but also earned the highest number of points of all of the schools, placing first and earning gold! The students were also recognized for their work on individual challenges and given $1500 to invest in an environmental project, and $220 for winning the urban garden infomercial challenge. The money from that challenge will be used to install a hydroponic system in Luaces’ classroom.

Of 40 students applying for the summer internship 9 were chosen. Of those was our very own Justin Sánchez.

This is a major accomplishment for our students and the school. If you have any of the kids please make sure to congratulate them.


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La profesora Monique Salazar y sus alumnos investigaron el uso de las algas como una opción para generar biocombustible. Por meses cultivaron diversos microorganismos utilizando carbono y bajo luz de un invernadero hasta lograr obtener el bioetanol.

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