Mater Virtual Academy (MVA)

Principal: Trisha Castillo

WL#: 6997
Opened: 2013
Grades: 6-12

Mater Virtual Academy (MVA)
Phone (305) 324-4667


Total Students: 389
Dual Diploma Students: 383
Dual Diploma Graduates: 6
Mater Virtual Academy (MVA) is a private virtual middle-high school that combines high-quality online courses and learning tools with certified teachers to serve the needs of students across grades 6 –12. Students throughout the United States – and in fact throughout the world – can earn an accredited high school diploma from Mater Virtual Academy through an online platform. At MVA, students are challenged to go beyond the content on the screen to think critically about complex concepts and apply them to find solutions to real-world issues.

In 2013, MVA expanded its program to serve students throughout Italy who wants to continue their studies in their home country while simultaneously earning a U.S. high school diploma. The dual diploma program allows students to pursue both courses of study concurrently, without having to relocate. Graduates emerge from the program as proficient online learners, having mastered the use of a full suite of tools of digital learning and communications, making them well prepared for success in 21st-century careers. In addition, students have access to other immersive English language opportunities, college and career counseling, as well as interaction with a diverse and global student community. MVA is currently expanding the Dual Diploma program to new countries in Europe and Latin America.

In 2014, MVA was honored to become one of only five entities – and the only non-profit entity – approved by the Florida Department of Education to provide virtual instruction services to public school districts and virtual charter schools throughout Florida.